FAQ / Glossary


How do I order samples? We understand how important getting the correct color is. If you are trying to match a particular color, or just want to check the hand of the ribbon, please request a sample. We are happy to send you a cutting of any ribbon at no charge. We can not always send widths requested, only colors. Please include your name and mailing address in your request.

If you require a more lasting example for your business, or more samples then are practical to cut, we sell sample cards. Please contact us for pricing.


Put up: Length in yards or meters on a spool or bolt.
French Wired: This ribbon is usually made with French Acetate and has wire sewn into the edges for easier shaping.
Grosgrain: This ribbon has ridges in it running from edge to edge. (This is an old world, almost vintage style of ribbon)
Double Face Satin: Double faced ribbons have the same smooth finish on both sides.
Single Face Satin: One side has the Satin finish, the other side is rough or filmy.
Sheer: see-through, usually made of organza.
Monofilament edges: This ribbon has fishing line sewn into the edges to give it body. (not the same as wired edges)
Flanges: The sides of the spool.
Corsage Ribbon: Traditionally, florists use no wider than 3/8" for corsages.
Printed Ribbon: This is where a logo or text is printed on the ribbon.
Heat cutting: The ribbon is cut with a hot knife that seals the edges.
Cold cutting: The ribbon is cut without heat and is not sealed.
Moire: Moire ribbon has a watermark design going through it.